Established in the year 1990, we at SKAYSOLUTIONS are committed towards providing best in class services to all our clienteles. With an aim to bring all the major services under one domain, Skay Solutions is constantly incorporating different sectors/ business & start-ups so that improve customer ease and satisfaction. We currently operate in Chennai and our services will be available in megacities of INDIA.

Our organization’s major goal is to serve end-user consumers, small and mid-sized businesses, and large organizations with tailored system utilities solutions.

Our Product Range Includes:

We deal with EPABX, PBX, IP PHONES, access control system, biometric system, cctv and time attendance.

Our Solutions

SKAY SOLUTIONS brings intelligent security and surveillance solutions that protect people, properties and assets. They ensure safety, security and productivity in various industrial processes and help make the world safer. Our integrated security systems have been used in various situations and they deliver complete coverage.

Ranging from ATM Surveillance to Branch Surveillance to Cash Van Surveillance to Central Control…

With school and university managers becoming accountable for campus security,

Hospitality / Health Care
Surveillance stands as a critical need of the hospitality industry today.

Manufacturing facilities and warehouses are stocked up with raw materials, WIP or finished goods at all times
Law Enforcement
Police forces fulfill the arduous task of ensuring peace and order within a city/ state.

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas sites are often remote and isolated with assets spread across large areas and multiple locations.

Real Estate
Solutions for under-construction sites to furnished structures and more, SKAY SOLUTIONS caters to a wide…

Shoplifting, theft and cashier fraud make up for a significant percentage of the losses incurred by retail…

Safe City
City surveillance is important for ensuring the safety and security of citizens, and deterring crime.

Smart Traffic
Over the years, the number of vehicles on the roads has increased along with the expansion of routes.

With SKAY SOLUTIONS advanced mobile surveillance solutions, vehicles can now be surveyed with ease.