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We also offer CCTV surveillance system for House and office. We have wide range of High-tech CCTV Surveillance system in Chennai, India.

Nowadays, for everyone security is one of the prominent concerns. We often see people take preventive steps to protect their family and assets.

CCTV surveillance system is used at most of the places to provide higher level security like airports, railway stations, metro stations, malls, shopping complex, cinema halls and offices .

Tips For Bank Security Cameras Placements

360° Perimeter Coverage

Be it a whole house or simply a unit in a building, install enough CCTV cameras at various angles around the building to get whole visibility. In case of an untoward event, it will be helpful to review the CCTV footage to check if there has been anyone directing a recon of the bank, and take appropriate action.

Cover All the Entrances And Exit Point

First make-up may be to cover only the main entrance to the bank. However, threats can arrive even from the corner frame or a back gate. Even if you have CCTV cameras covering the external perimeter, you should have bank surveillance cameras inside the bank facing the entry/exit points. This will help keep a digital eye on who has entered and left the premises.

Make Them Out Of Reach

Breaking the lens of the camera, harmful the wire to cut off the feed, spraying paint over the lens are a few of the ways in which the bank surveillance cameras can be rendered ineffective. To prevent this, place the cameras out of reach of potential miscreants such as above 12 feet or so. This will make it harder for an antisocial section to mess with the cameras. In a bank, if anyone even tries to hint the camera, it will come to the warning of the others and raise an alarm.

Certify Good Lighting

CCTV cameras covering dark alleyways or corridors is futile. Make sure that there is enough lighting in the CCTV cameras’ range of coverage to get visible and logical footage. Or, invest in good quality night vision cameras if you believe that you cannot undeniably be sure about the level of lighting the different areas of the bank will have.

Ensure Multiple Cameras in High Traffic Zones

Cover only the secluded parts of the bank is not sensible. An intentional distraction can be created in the middle of a swarming part of the bank. To get a better sense of what is happening or has ensued and what led to the commotion, ensure that there are multiple CCTV cameras pointed at different angles covering these crowded zones.

Introduction to Biometrics System

In today’s world, the requirement for reliable identity verification strategies has a vital significance. Furthermore, tending to this need is the development of biometrics. Biometrics alludes to the study of individual’s identities that is dependent on their physical and behavioural characteristics called Biometrics Systems, for example, fingerprints, face, iris, voice, and walk. Contrasted with conventional validation conspires that are information-based (passwords) or token-based (RSA tokens), biometric frameworks are viewed as progressively helpful and secure and simply give an additional degree of security. Clients don’t need to retain passwords or have verification of character, for example, ID cards, and any difficulty. Consequently, the biometric systems are widely used in housing and residential space, various businesses, and criminological applications to establish identity.

Some financial businesses depend vigorously on biometrics. Without question, biometrics is an essential security system for business and personal applications, especially for large areas. It can be changed in many ways to conform to the idea of your business and your worker’s requirements.

Ways to Solve Your Office Security Problems

If you are an businessperson or a business owner and have hired employees in your office, you are obliged to guarantee the safety and security of the employees. Installing the best security gadget prevents not only unwanted incidents like robbery and theft but also creates a conducive and peaceful environment for the workers.

Electronic Door Access Control System:

One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your office premises is to install electronic door access control system. No matter how big or small your office is, these systems play a vital role in preventing the entry of any unauthorised personnel inside the premises. These electronic doors open only when it is accessed by people whose fingerprint data is stored in the system.

Recording Devices & CCTVs:

If you can install security cameras at the entrance and exit points in and around the office to keep a tap on the activities of the workers. The recording devices capture the movements all day long and save it in the system. In the event of theft or any other incident, you can have access to the footage at any time you want and quickly identify the felon.

Prowler Alarm Button:

In case of an emergency like theft, burglary, fire, hostage or bomb threat, etc., the staff can press the button. An emergency alarm system simultaneously informs the police, the hospital and the fire brigade. It is advisable to choose a 24*7 emergency system as it is one of the most affordable means of security. Emergency buttons come in various structures and sizes.


Biometric Attendance System With access control is the new innovation which relies upon the elements like eye retina, fingerprints, voice and mark. So individual who needs to access the system require these components as a authentication. Biometric access control system expect scanner to check genuine human highlights and convert it to advanced configuration which can be put away. Door LocK access control system price is now in your own budget available with us.

Face recognition system and its advantages over others. It is one kind of system which depends on biometric innovation. Face acknowledgment system filters entire face of the individual. It incorporates states of face, recolors on face, remove between two eyes, separate among eye and nose, retina sweep and others. Give me a chance to clarify the advantages of face acknowledgment system in detail in next passage. Door access control system price is now as per your own budget and needs available online.

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What is IP PBX System?

 IP PBX dealers in chennai IP PBX or private branch exchange (telephone switching system within an enterprise) is a system that provides telephone calls over IP networks. It switches calls between VoIP users on local lines and allows its users to share a assured number of external phone lines. It can also switch calls between a VoIP user and a traditional telephone or landline user, or between two traditional telephone users just like a conventional PBX does. It can come in various abbreviate texts, such as IP-PBX, IP/PBX, or IPPBX.

There are a number of IP-PBX among which some are hardware-based devices, some other are software-based servers. It is your result to choose which one will be best-suited with your business wants. In our suggestion, mini sever SIP as it is a professional PBX for Windows, Linux, etc.

Security camera NVR or DVR System

Security camera NVR or DVR System is a hard-wired system that uses high-speed cables running from each camera location to the main hub where all the information is stored. It allows high-quality footage and a high speed of processing.
We also provide services:
• Hard wired IP security camera installation and setup;
• Nest security camera installation and setup;
• Ring camera installation and setup / Ring video doorbell installation
Hikvision ,& Dahua camera installation and setup;
• Dahua camera installation and setup;
• Other.

Connect CCTV Camera To TV Without DVR

Just want to connect your CCTV camera directly to a TV without a DVR, the method will differ.

Step 1: Ensure Your Tv And CCTV Cameras Are Off

Step 2: Connect The TV To   CCTV Camera

Step 3: Provide power to  camera and TV

Step 4: Test The Connection On The TV