How to Install a PBX System

Discover an area central to your phone lines and workers, this is where you will mount your key service unit, the brain behind your PBX system, it must be connected to your phone lines and your phone units

Attach the PBX to the wall with its mounting kit and your electric screwdriver. You may need to start the mounting holes with an electric drill.

Plug your circuit cards into the PBX. These are often used for voicemail and will have dedicated, labeled slots for each card. They are often found on the side of the PBX, although some units will require you to remove its casing for access to the slots.

Connect your telephone lines directly to the PBX using telephone cords. These are the dial tone lines provided by your phone company.
Use the setup and programming guide provided by your PBX vendor to properly code your unit. These directions vary greatly across models, so follow them explicitly.

Test your phones by placing and receiving calls once the programming is complete.

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